You know you got a lot on your plate: there are not enough hours each day to get everything done. It's time to bring a power partner to your biz: a VA. Find out the Secrets to Successful Outsourcing and set up your team for success.

As a Freelancer, is very easy to get overwhelmed when trying to juggle being a business owner, and actually doing the work our clients hire us for.

And while there are a lot of tools to help you automatize tasks, sometimes you need an extra help.

In this guest post, Gemma Forster gives you tips on what to outsource to a VA.

You know you need help but you don’t know what you need help with. Sound familiar?

I have clients come to me who are so busy they can’t think straight. They know they need me but have no idea where to start. They haven’t a clue what to outsource, no time to figure it out and it just seems quicker to crack on and do it themselves.

Then there are those people who seem to resist outsourcing and think they can do everything themselves. But guess what? You don’t have to do everything in your business yourself! There’s nothing wrong with outsourcing the things you hate to people who enjoy it!  Denise Duffield-Thomas gives great advice on giving yourself permission to hire an assistant.

Luckily I have a couple of tricks up my sleeve to help you outsource successfully! Follow my tips below to figure out what YOU would prefer not to be doing.

First of all, ask yourself a few questions:

  • What things have been on your to-do list forever but you never get around to doing because work keeps getting in the way?
  • How many emails are in your inbox? If you don’t know the answer to this, I’m guessing there are too many.
  • If you had more time what one thing would you do straight away? This allows you to focus on what your time SHOULD be spent on.
  • Ask yourself whether you have enough time to give your existing clients the best service or after-care you want to.
  • Do you follow up with your clients, get testimonials or case studies from them, connect with them on social media.

Figure out those time-consuming tasks:

  • Write down every task you do that takes longer than half an hour. You really need to give this one a lot of thought.
  • Highlight the things that you don’t like doing or don’t need to do yourself.
  • Then write down the things you want to do but don’t have time for – such as business development, giving existing clients more value, spending more time with family, writing an eBook, developing a new product or service etc.

So, what type of things can you outsource to a Virtual Assistant?


Your Virtual Assistant can set up an invoicing system for you. They can send out estimates, convert them to invoices, chase up late payers, mark when paid and send out receipts.

Online research

This can be researching competitors, finding information for blog content, scouting locations for photography shoots, researching bloggers, finding the most relevant local networking events, or sourcing the best software for you.

Scheduling social media posts

All those local Twitter power hours that you never seem to join in? Your VA can post for you, reply to comments and retweet. In my area alone there are 10 different power hours. That’s potentially 10 hours a week you can save!

Email Management

Do you get overwhelmed by your emails? Your Virtual Assistant can monitor your inbox for you, delete spam, respond to customer enquiries and forward anything urgent to you.

Customer Care

Have you sent estimates to potential clients but not heard anything back? Get your VA to chase up potential clients and get them booked in. It’s also a good idea to have your Virtual Assistant connect with new customers across all social media on your accounts, contact previous customers for testimonials or even do case studies to show on your website.

Mailchimp or similar

This can range from setting up an account for you and uploading your contacts to sending out regular newsletters, promotions or special offers.

Brand templates

Compile business related documents which tie in with your brand i.e. invoices, proposals, contracts, marketing plans. Once you have these templates in place it will save you SO much time!


If you sell products, then your VA can upload them to which ever selling platform you use i.e. your website or Etsy.

CRM systems

Is your customer database a mess? Do you even have one? Have your VA set up and organise your customer database. You could be losing business by not building on relationships with your existing customers.


Putting together graphics and images for social media is time consuming. Your VA can use you brand colours and fonts to do this for you.

Having a virtual assistant can make your life so much easier but only if you use them properly.  If you don’t utilise them correctly, then time can be lost and money wasted.  Nobody wants that!  Find you how to get the best out of your Virtual Assistant.

Gemma Forster

Gemma Forster

Gemma Forster is a Virtual Assistant to Creative Entrepreneurs.  Her passion is giving people back the time to unleash their creative self!  Join her mailing list to receive more FREE guides on managing your time and being more productive!


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